Confused by Scorpio Guy I Like

I am a Capricorn woman and he is a Scorpio man. I really need some good advice from a scorpio guy or I’ll go crazy.I have been intersted in a scorpio guy for a year now. We work together as teachers at a school. It all started when I became more confident about my self and my appearance. He started noticing me and it felt good. While I was working on a computer, he came up to me and told me how beautiful I looked and we were both gazing into eachothers eyes. It felt like a homecoming. It was amazing. He looked so compassionate and he wasn’t as mean as I thought. He got emotionally out of control though and started making kissing sounds in the office. I felt embarrased. Later, I realized I had feelings for him too. I was love struck – couldn’t eat or sleep and just kept on thinking about him. It was driving me insane. So I had to do something.I called him on the phone and asked him if he had any feelings for me – maybe we could go out and discuss this. He said lets forget about this nervously several times so I agreed feeling disappointed and hung up on him after saying sorry – goodbye.I was then feeling embarassed. I’m 8 years older than him but look young for my age. I’m in a loveless marriage with kids and have asked for a divorce. He doesn’t know about my personal life. After all this we tried to forget eachother but couldn’t. We would stare at eachother discreatly like love sick teenagers. He was always around staring at me in the hallways, in classes, in the office. Then he would disappear a few days then comes back and stare. We would smile at eachother on occasion. There is a real emotional connection there. But he hasn’t made a move. I noticed that he broke up with his fiancee, because there are no rings on his fingers. He tries to get a reaction from me by complimenting other women at work and then looks for my reaction. I get a little jealous. And I wonder if he is trying to communicate to me via them. We communicate through other people. If he says something nice to another woman friend I get the feeling that he is trying to say it to me. He hasn’t been nice in the past though so this is a change for him. We don’t want others to notice. I have dated alot of guys but never felt this way about anyone. i feel that he is my twin soul at times. We communicate across a room without saying anything. The emotions we feel are very intense. I feel very emotionally tied to him. he makes me feel good. But last week he dropped a bomb on me when He said he was leaving the school after 5 years of being there.. I don’t know if I can handle losing him. I have been feeling sick and depressed now even though i told him that these changes might be good for him – but i’m dying inside before that we glanced into eachothers eyes and I could see how much he misses me.When we both look into eachothers eyes it feels like I am connecting with him on a deep level. It feels like we are making out.In two months he will be gone for good. What can I do? I don’t want to lose him. I am magnetically attracted to him. He is hansome and sexy. Four months ago I shook hand with him to wish him happy birthday and he held my hand so gently yet firmly that i almost fainted. When we touched it was incredible. Then we smiled at eachother. I drew a heart on his birthday card at work. I’m trying to get him to understand how much I care and in love I am with him. I can’t ask him out again because I fear rejection. HELP!

– Dee


  1. dumb*******
    Apr 22, 2013

    how do you pose a question?

    I have been chased, accosted, and intensely pursued by a scorpio man for over 3 years, he is always saying I am the love of his life but yet he has continuously carried on affairs this entire time – confused

  2. SynthiaRose
    Apr 22, 2013


    You can post a question by creating a suitable username and posting. Your earlier one was not appropriate.

  3. Erin
    Apr 24, 2013

    Be forward! Look him deep in the eyes, be presumptuous. It sounds to me like he got nervous by being confronted in such a diplomatic way. Scorpio men generally like operating under the radar; a more tactful way to broach the subject of your feelings the first time would have been to bump into him “accidentally” as you pass him, stop to say sorry and bite your lip as you give him a very, very wicked look. Draw in close, linger tantalisingly, maybe touch him gently on the arm and walk away without a backward glance.
    I think yes, he is trying to make you jealous, to gauge your reaction when he talks to the other women. He wants to be sure of your feelings before acting. Scorpio men actually very rarely make the first move, as in an ideal scorpio world, all interrelation would be psychic, based on body language. That you’re not reacting to his mind games will be dissuading him of your affections. He is trying to provoke a reaction. So be forward in a subtle way, with surreptitious touching, staring into his eyes for just a few seconds longer than is natural, or just corner him in a supplies cupboard. Make your body language scream, and keep your mouth silent and quirking in a flirty smile.

    • Dee
      May 6, 2013

      Dear Erin,
      I love your advice. You are so right about the body language. The last time I tried talking to him about a class issue, he avoided eye contact and was rather blunt, and then asked me a question – work related. Two days ago he flirted with his eyes and mouth – biting, kissing actions.He must of liked my new baby blue eye shadow. I was surprised I didn’t drop all my books and a piece of cake that was on top of them. (school-kid had a birthday) His body language is so cool. I love this stuff. Only a scorp could pull this off. Cornering him is not easy, as there are so many people around the office and his classroom. I have dreamed of doing it though. Great suggestion though. LOL! He asked me to help him with some statistics. When the time came, he asked all the other girls involved, ignorned me and then when I wasn’t expecting it and I kinda tuned out he called my name three times before I answered. Then he kept asking the same questions and I told him straight out a little annoyed that this is the second time I’ve told you. “Do you want to see the document?” I continued. He answered, “No, I trust you”. One day after work while driving, I saw his car behind mine. I couldn’t believe it at first. Was it a coinsidence? He looked so nervous. I was staring at him through the car mirror. I was hoping he would follow me but he drove off later. In the mornings he stares at me as I’m walking to work from his car. The staring feels hypnotic for both of us. One day I was taking about something work related and said, “I have him”. (meaning the computer) and he turned around and gazed into my eyes. Still confused as I don’t know if I should continue to hope for something to happen. I haven’t seen him for a week cause of Easter break. Oh and how should I react when he tries to make me jealous? Could use more advice. Is there hope or should I give up? Sorry for writing so much again.

  4. Dee
    May 22, 2013

    Guys I was really, totally shocked this week by this Scorp guy. The news I got just blew my mind. I still can’t believe this and I wanted to share it with you. I don’t know how I kept my emotions under control. But it’s a Cap thing I guess. Things started well. We had’nt seen eachother for weeks,which wasn’t easy for me but when we did he kissed me on the cheek and rubbed his face up against mine. All this happened at work. It felt a bit awkward but nice. The next time I see him he comes to the office and announces that his child was born. I was surprised. Shocked. What the f….k Most people were running around kissing and congratulating him. Since I am a nice person I congratulated him as well. He just said thanks. He didn’t even look at me. I hadn’t noticed any rings on his fingers the past months. Most were surprised too. Inside I felt like a fool. Was he just playing with my emotions? Is he real or fake. Now that I remember he said he was going through a rough time during the months of this pregnancy. Will his feelings for me change now? Is this a dumb question? Even more confused then ever. HELP! Why was he leading me on all this time?

    • Dee
      Jun 12, 2013

      I have a rising sun in Gemini and have an eighth house sun sign – which explains some of my Scorpio behavior. I’m still confused about this situation. The birth of his baby has brought out a more sarcastic me. I say things that I would never have dared to – some witty some mean. I may be jealous. I think he likes this change. Sometimes I think this is war. One time he said so you want to have an affair in front of a bunch of guys. I was shocked. He wants me to be the chaser and him to be the runner. Even made me feel it via eye contact – which is shocking – total role reversal. I gave him the you are not getting away from me look. Something I would never do with any guy. Not something I am used to doing. I shocked myself. So I shock back with sarcasm. Other times he gives me the romantic- loveable stare. He hasn’t asked me out yet. I am trying to get him out of my head. It’s not easy with everything that has happened. Should I just give up? Need some advice. Can someone explain his behaviour?

  5. Eternallycurious
    Aug 13, 2013

    Scorpio men are intuitive.He sensed you needed attention and gave it to you.

    I know this is sad but you ended up become someone he entertained himself with while at school with no intentions of having anything deeper or meaningful than perhaps a friendship.

    In a way, it is good that he will be gone for it shall make it easier for you to forget him.

    There are lots of great guys out there who deserve someone as nice as you.Go fine one:)

    Good luck.

  6. Lisa
    Oct 6, 2013

    I hope you’re NOT considering marrying him after your divorce is finalized.

    The fact that you haven’t told him about your personal life shows that you don’t fully trust him, and he may become very angry. You need to tell him ASAP!

  7. jen
    Nov 16, 2013

    I met this scorpion man at my friends bday..he asked my friend who was I capricorn woman to my friend and finally my friend introduce me to the party he shared things to me and asked me my morning he text me and asked me to have dinner with him..I wasnt interested to him at the first time..I didnt text him back..he kept texting me everyday and one day I finally agree to have dinner..when we met I was amazed by him cuz he was really nice and he respect me when I told him we can go to his house and watch movie but no by day he told me miss me and call me love and stuff..suddenly he has to go back to his country becuz there was family problems but he still keep in touch with me..when he came back..we met and spend a night together .. next day suddenly he changed and ignored me and i text him and say sorry if i did something wrong but he kind of mad at me just because he thinks I expect to much from him .. I was shocked becuz I think I didnt push him that much .. I was really sad and dissapointed .. I trusted him but suddenly he changed .. finally he told me I should forget him becuz hes not gonna be around in my city that much ..he got to do his job and he work at cruised and have to sail for a long time..he told me no women could handle to have a long distance relationship .. I told him I wasnt looking for a boy .. Im looking for a man becuz I have 2 kids allready and he knew about it in the first time .. I assured him that I can wait for him and he told me we can try .. next day when he about to go he changed again and say I should forget him and he told me he doesnt want to hurt me .. it was hard for me cuz I gave him my heart and he left me without any good reason.. now I text him just to say hi and he didnt reply ..he told me before he need to work on his dilema about his family and he has to work..before I was love .. now he called me name .. it hurts because since the first time I didnt give him my heart and his effort to get to know me made me open my heart to him he didnt give me news and he didnt text me confused what should I do now .. please anyone tell me what is this mean about scorpion man .. he was so sweet but suddenly he changed .. what should I do now ? Forget him or wait for him cuz we didnt actually break up ..

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