scorpio emotions

Hey there, I am a scorpio and it sometimes gets hard understanding and dealing with my emotions. Do you know anything I can do to better understand my emotions and deal with them?


  1. BrittBrat
    Jun 9, 2013

    What I normally do when I’m down is stick my earphones and listen to music and forget about the world. Because music is my life. I’m and Aries so I rarely get sad I just get pissed. Also, I watch funny vids on youtube that make me laugh or someone cheers me up.

  2. Lisa
    Jul 19, 2013

    I’m a Virgo and I have the same problem!

    Scorpio is the most emotionally sensitive sign in the zodiac. That’s how God created them, and you just need to understand that.

    Managing extreme emotions is never easy, and don’t ever feel you’re alone!

  3. CalebKent
    Aug 24, 2013

    Scorpio goes through evolutionary stages:
    Water Scorpio — attachment to others emotionally
    Earth Snake — free of emotional attachments(grudges) and having mastered their soul/psyche, the Earth Snake in motion on the Earth engaged with it — labor, management, business
    Air Eagle — mastered the Earth, the snake evolves into the Eagle free of the demands of the physical flying above only landing for opportunities and helping others become free of the material world
    Fire Phoenix — free of the attachments of Soul, Body, and Mind, the Phoenix acts as spiritual agent in the world bringing truth and doing the good for all beings

    for example: the Having conquered the emotional resistant to work of the Scorpion and the distraction of grudges, the Snake earns $1 Dollars and puts it in the bank — able to control the desire to spend it on sensual pleasures — and then as Eagle flies free of the material world living of the interest. Finally, having all needs met the Eagle dies with the the Phoenix rising from the ashes unlimited by ‘normal’ needs sustained by the very Spirit of God.

    so how far will you go, Scorpio? ;)

    —Caleb Kent

  4. Bruce
    Aug 31, 2013

    I’m a scorpio as well. You asked two questions. Question 1 about: Understanding your emotions. Question 2 how to: Dealing with those emotions. We scorpios need time to ourselves and a meditative practice of some sort can help with both questions. Allowing yourself to sit quietly, breathing from the belly to slow and relax your nervous system and to focus on the memory of the event when you felt the way that confused you emotionally, then noticing how your body responds and thoughts that arise and noticing when and how those emotions arose, whether just walking in a room, being around certain people, etc. When ever feeling overwhelmed just refocus briefly on your belly breathing as that tends to relax the nervous system. It may be the emotions you’re feeling are not your own. Scorpio’s like other water signs can be very empathic and can feel the emotions of others as their own. Simply asking that emotion where it’s coming from can yield the answer on an intuitive level This meditative practice is one way of dealing with those emotions. You can also notice what the emotions are asking you to do. Emotions are about taking action of some sort. Anger is about protecting your boundaries, your beliefs. Hatred is about getting something out of your life. Fear is about something that’s bigger/faster/dangerous and is an attempt to let it pass by without noticing you. Worry or rumination is about wanting to do something but not seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Being overly giddy is about being ungrounded in your life. Anger then is about the Courage to say No. Hatred is a call to Forgive and to breath something out of your life that isn’t good for you. Worry is about finding your comfort, the kindness you’re in need of. Fear is a call to be still and to listen within yourself. Giddyness is a call to find your joy your dance in life. :) Best of Luck to you

  5. scorpiogirl111588
    Oct 15, 2013

    For me like what Bruce said, I meditate and tune out the world with some music and I get lost in good thoughts and that soothes the emotions.

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