My Scorpio Girlfriend


I have a Scorpio girlfriend her name is Soniyah from Mauritius I am
Srinivas from Bangalore India.

Soniyah is a rather well off Mauritian girl who is studying
She is a little crazy ,smart, determined ,proud girl and out of a
really bad relationship with her previous boyfriend.
She really loves me(I think).
Her birthday is 8/11/1988.My Birthday is 16/06/1987 .
She is clinging onto me and not willing to let go and .She has a lot
of ego and a lot of pride in her and does not appreciate being dumped
amongst other things.I have been working for the last 3 years now and
she in college studying which gives her a lot of time to call me
constantly and does not seem to understand that I need time to work.
Her rather well off parents have never said no to her (spoilt brat)
for anything .
She has hijacked my social life thoroughly.
I tried breaking up with her once and she threatened to commit suicide
and she did cut herself and she has to wear full sleeved cl  othes now
to hide the bandages.
Her parents have not been together for years and she does not have too
many friends in India and most of her friends in India only stick
around because of her money and she knows that.
She is willing to go any lengths to keep this relationship alive .

She will not actually commit suicide (I think) but there are a lot
battered emotions within her from a long time She says she grew up in
a large empty house where you have all the wealth and no love..Her
previous bF was abusive and also was a dead beat after her money it is
a very bad story…she was already too broken emotionally to fix ..I
cannot bear to hurt her again…but I do not love her…..cannot take
this relationship anymore her tantrums have made me get into trouble
at work…

Oh and she is a genuine Scorpio girl with all the bloody determination
and will power she can do wonders in the world if only she was not
constantly nagging me and after my ass .her life has been very weird
in the sense that she is from a disjointed family where ppl just wire
transfer money to your account ….We have to break up .I know it has
to be done its the consequences I fear ……one of two thing will
happen if I proceed to dump her…..

1: She will sting me and she can do it too very hard…..vengeance
which is okay… I can deal with it
2: She breaks down completely and then I don’t know what……..this I
do not want….

Please keep in mind she is a very delicate girl emotionally.
Any advice….

Yours Sincerely


  1. Jessica
    Jun 16, 2013

    Hm, I am a Scorpio woman and I sound a LOT like your girlfriend. I can say that I have many exes and only one has ever gotten away without a pretty serious sting from me…and it was because I found someone else before leaving. My only advice is to tell her you want to take a “break” and not a complete break UP, the reason being she won’t feel rejected completely and she will have the room to move on to someone else. This is not to say the sting won’t come later when you least expect it, we hold grudges and even if she moves on she may still want to get back at you for “what you did to her” (we tend to vilify our exes). It is a sticky situation, just whatever you do don’t call her needy, or possessive as while we get these our our traits…we hate hearing them. Make her feel special, and like she is amazing…but that you just need to focus on your job for now or something similar. Ease the rejection as much as you can, don’t make it feel final so she doesn’t panic, but give her room to move on to someone who will appreciate everything we Scorps have to offer

  2. Eternallycurious
    Aug 13, 2013

    Hello Srinivas,

    Your post makes it seem at first that the scorpio girl’s likes you and you were never interested but that cannot be the case.The intensity with which she is clinging to you is not because she is lonely/depressed but because you gave her positive vibes about being interested as well.

    In the current situation,she wants deeper levels of commitment and bonding with you while you want things to be ‘easy,light-hearted and non-messy’.You are not open to anything deep.

    Distancing yourself from her is the best way out for you.She will come back full force and try in all possible ways to get you back but you will have to grow ‘cold’ toward her for this to happen.The sting is a part of the process,face it.

    Also,don’t ever mess with a girl when you know she wants a serious relationship but you just want to play around.

  3. maz
    Nov 3, 2013

    get her counselling and then run away

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