Scorpio Woman: Unlucky in Love?

Scorpio Woman: Unlucky in Love?

question iconMy relationships always end up in the same pattern every time — although I give every drop of emotion to love that person.

Born: 24th Oct. 1988
Time : 11 to 11:30 pm
Kolkata, West Bengal, India

–  Sulagno


Dear Sulagno:

First of all, I know how important finding true love is for any Scorpio. The pursuit of a soul mate and a deep, intimate romance is the reason Scorpio lives. So, I know how deeply wounded and lonely you must feel. So sorry about that.

There are several key factors in your chart that may delay love, give you only meager love, or cause romance to end abruptly.


1. You have Venus Square Saturn

Saturn can be helpful in love, giving a romance permanence. However, when a SQUARE aspect exists with the planet Venus, Saturn can cause delay in finding love. It can cause others to reject all that beautiful love that you are sending to them. Saturn, in this case, can seem to weaken your powers of attraction… you just can’t seem to put anyone under your spell of love. Even if through great effort you establish a relationship, the romance might simply not last or your deep, profound love may be rewarded with stingy, meager, mediocre love.   Ouch.

  • One strategy is to try to find a way that Saturn can work for you. For some, this means pursuing an older lover or someone in an authority position, such as a teacher, high-level manager, military person or law official. This can work because Saturn represents older people and those in authority.   Saturn rules Capricorn, and people with Venus square or opposite Saturn can also find great love with Capricorn people. You might have already found yourself attracted to any of these people already.  Even still, there’s no guarantee these relationships will last, but they certainly will have potential.
  • Another strategy is to find someone  who can buffer the effects of the Saturn square by having, in their own charts, a Saturn that creates a trine or other POSITIVE aspects to your Venus. Alternately, find someone similarly suffering from a Venus square Saturn or Venus opposite Saturn aspect. They will be able to relate to you and will be searching desperately for love as you are. Of course, these aspects are impossible to know until after you have met the person and done their chart.
  • Lastly, a strategy that  I like is finding another Scorpio — because Scorpios can tend to form tight bonds with one another that last even through difficulties caused by Saturn squares and oppositions. Scorpios do not mind difficult relationships and they will put in the commitment to make a romance last if they feel connected — which is quite often when there’s a person in their own native Zodiac sign. Not all Scorpios will turn out to be romance material for you, of course (many times you’ll be too much alike and will feel like siblings); many will be just friends…but you can make strong connections that may potentially lead to a great love.


Just to let you know, people afflicted with Saturn square Venus or Saturn opposite Venus do eventually find love … often in the later years of life. Saturn doesn’t always mean “no” love, but it may mean greatly delayed love.

2. You have Aquarius on Your Seventh House

Although Valentine’s day falls in February during the Aquarius season, Aquarius energy and love are seldom good mates.  Aquarius is an impersonal energy that demands freedom while love demands ties and binds that last and sets boundaries. The seventh house is about commitment not freedom.  Because of this Aquarius rulership over your love life, love that starts for you may begin and end quickly before it ever becomes substantial.  There will be lots of chemistry and excitement…and then poof…it’s gone. That’s the Aquarius way. (This is why I’m always concerned for couples who get married on Valentine’s Day).

There is this possibility: You might find true love with an actual Aquarius man!

Or, you might have to compromise your traditional views about love and seek an unconventional romance. Aquarius energy is about defying the norm:

  • consider an open relationship (!)
  •  occasional breaks for bonding outside the relationship
  • long distance relationships
  • Polyamory
  • or some other unorthodox or progressive relationship style that offers more liberty.

Aquarius, also rules electronics, so there’s also the possibility that you can find love in the digital world… online… on a forum, on a dating site, even an astrology dating site. Aquarius on the 7th house can create an attraction for something  “different” or exotic… so also consider people from other backgrounds and cultures.

3. You have Uranus Square your Venus

Not only does Saturn square your Venus, but Uranus (the ruler of Aquarius) squares your Venus as well. This is the second time Uranus has infiltrated your love zones — first with the 7th house, now with Venus. Maybe the Universe is trying to tell you something: you need Uranian love. Have you had any Aquarius relationships? Or have you dated people with many planets in Aquarius? Did these bonds tend to last better than others?

With Uranus/Aquarius so pronounced here you, yourself, may be the one wanting space and freedom.


In summary,

You have two issues. A Saturn issue and a Uranus/Aquarius issue.  Well, let’s not call them issues; let’s be positive and just call them influences. We’ve considered the following potential love solutions:

  • older lovers,
  • authority figures,
  • Capricorns
  • Aquarius people,
  • people with strong Aquarius energy
  • unconventional relationships
  • Virgos, Geminis or otherwise brainy individuals (due to your Mercury-ruled Venus)
  • or simply waiting until Saturn allows love in your mature years.

Be optimistic.

You are young and there will be true love…eventually. I want you to be happy and live life with great fervor! I want you to enjoy your friends and family and believe that love will come. Be sensitive to the people that the Universe may be bringing into your life. You never know when that true love may cross your path. And for Heaven’s sake, go make a list of Aquarius people you know!

Just my 8th House sense.

Synthia Rose,

Here’s your chart:





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