What is Sex like between a Scorpio and a Sagittarius?

What is Sex like between a Scorpio and a Sagittarius?
Scorpios like flirting with Fire!

Scorpios like flirting with Fire!

What do you have to say about a Scorpio girl and a Sagittarius guy being together? What is their sex life going to be like?


Hi Kaela,

I wrote about the Sagittarius – Scorpio couple here.  Sagittarius, the Archer, can be very satisfying for a Scorpio in the sack because Sags have insatiable stamina to match Scorpio’s insatiable appetite. Scorpios have a lust for the fire signs: Aries, Leo and, yes, Sagittarius. The passion, spontaneity and liveliness of fire signs, all of which are emphasized in bed, sparks excitement for Scorpio.

However, Sags aren’t particularly deep and despite their spiritual philosophies will not exalt or sanctify sex the way many Scorpios will.


Scorpio women like chemistry and connection so strong that a lover can sense what to do to satisfy them. Sagittarius men may not deliver this connection despite the hot energy between these two signs. Still even if Sags can’t anticipate what Scorpio wants, Sags will nonetheless be very adaptable and respond to any outright cues Scorpios give.


Ultimately, the Mars and the Rising will decide how any sign is in bed.  A man with Sagittarius rising or mars will be extremely athletic and muscular with powerful Stallion-like lasting power.  This will please Scorpio women who are aroused by displays of power in bed.  Unless they have strong Capricorn planets, Sagittarius men will not dominate, however, as many Scorpio women crave. They are more playful and easygoing, seeking  fun  during lovemaking rather than a conquering.


However, even if Sagittarius won’t be a natural at Scorpio’s power and domination games, often with blindfolds, commands and handcuffs, Sags will at least be willing to try them. Sag men will try anything in bed, as will Scorpio women so the invention and adventure  possible with this couple is limitless!


Bold with every aspect of sexuality, Sagittarius people might lead Scorpio into trysts in the most shocking and unlikely locations — even in public or illegal places! Scorpio, therefore, will have to put the reigns on the Sag wildness because Sags can’t be expected to think through the consequences of their lustful actions.


Scorpio is a planner in bed. Don’t be surprised if Scorpios pre-plan sexy, seductive routines in their minds and then repeat what works best. Scorpio is, after all,  a fixed sign. Not so for Sagittarius, they might flip their Scorpio partner into a position on the spur of the moment, changing routines on a whim with great eagerness and raucousness (Sags tend to be loud in bed, expressing their glee with loud laughter and sudden yelps).  Set routines and the same old positions night in and night out will bore Sagittarius men into ignoring Scorpio and will likely tempt this roving sign into to flirtations elsewhere.


Scorpio women, with their attraction to taboos and their natural passion, should have enough secret, sensual weapons to keep Sagittarius interested and away from other girls. Sagittarius lovers, being the free spirits that they are, won’t be shocked or turned off by Scorpios taboo and obsessive sexual desires at all.


Warning: sensitive Scorpio will have to be strong on occasions will Sagittarius feels unsatisfied after sex. Sags won’t hold their tongue and will be blunt about what’s not working underneath the sheets.


Overall, this sexual connection has potential. It’s the connection outside the bedroom that will threaten this bond the most.

— Synthia Rose, ScorpioLand


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